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Change Management & Transformation

Environmental, social, and technical change is happening faster than ever. Climate change, pandemics, shifting demographics and the technical revolution - just to mention some trends - are impacting our lives and unfold even more dynamically than expected. Business environment is increasingly characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity (VUCA), and high connectivity. 

Business leaders and employees both have to cope with challenges that affect their business- and working environment. A forward-looking approach is needed to gain resilience, stay innovative and competitive and qualify workforce. Change management projects have become business routine for all different kinds of organizations. I support and accompany transformation projects within your organization.

Future of Work

The ongoing transformation of the working environment is challenging especially small and medium sized companies (SMEs) and their workforce to keep pace and stay competitive. I advise and accompany organizations within the economic development programme unternehmensWert.mensch of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Action fields:

  • leadership culture and human resources management
  • diversity & equal opportunities
  • health & wellbeing
  • knowledge & expertise
  • digital enablement


Change Management & Organizational Development

SWOT analysis related to the prospective change project
change agenda: vision, targets, strategy & communication messages
project planning & -management
change communication: internal communication supporting and enabling change project(s)

workshops & trainings

performance measurement by individually defined KPIs & surveys
management coaching
project report based on feedback interviews & performance measurement


Organizational Development

  • internal change project: status quo analysis, programme development & interviews & coaching

community amenities, social work

Organizational Development – Future of Work

  • programme development & set up internal change project:
  • interviews, workshop, stakeholder survey
  • mission statement
  • change communications consulting leadership team

International Association

 Leadership Culture

  • programme development & projet management leadership culture & change

Community amenities, social work

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